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17th June 2019

The results of the exhibition are now finalised and are attached.  The various pages can be accessed through the Home Page.

8th June 2019

Available souvenirs updated.


2nd June 2019

The Visitor General information has been updated and includes details regarding Youth exhibits and displays.

Dealer Information has been updated, and is now final.

Available souvenirs updated.


24th May 2019

Souvenir Form link available from Home page

Volunteer information link available from Home page

8th May 2019

Souvenir items expanded and updated

Entries are now closed

Palmares information updated

Finalised listing of Dealers and their locations released

Finalised diagram of exhibition frame locations. 

Indian Commissioner added


26th April 2019

Souvenir Items have been added, including an Order Form


14th April 2019

First release of meetings scheduled to be held during the Exhibition.

8th April 2019

Final format of the Billy Hughes Unadopted Stamp Design card 

More details regarding the Palmares released. 

23rd March 2019

Palmares Information modified

11th March 2019

Palmares Information modified


7th March 2019

Dealers’ floorplan finalised

Official hotel, the Quality Hotel CKS Sydney Airport, designated

Initial Palmares details available


25 February 2019

Closing date for entries is now 23rd March, 2019

31 January 2019

Website released!

Please send any comments to John Sadler at mailto:jpsadler@bigpond.com.au