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1.   Exhibition

2.   Organisation

3.   Regulations

4.   Classification of Exhibits

5.   Conditions of Participation

6.   Applications

7.   Entry Fees (Frame Fees)

8.   Delivery of Exhibits

9.   Introduction Page/Plan of Exhibit

10. Philatelic Literature Entries

11. Security and Insurance

12. Mounting of Exhibits

13. Jury

14. Exclusions

15. Awards

16. Modification or Withdrawal

17. Amendment of Regulations

18. Recognition of Exhibit Regulations

19. Items Subject to Quarantine

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The exhibition is very pleased to be hosting the Australasian Challenge and the Picture Postcard Challenge.  This is the first time either event has been held in Sydney.  These Challenges will be open to teams from Australian states and territories and New Zealand islands.

The Organising Committee wants to encourage competitive entries on all philatelic subjects. This is the last full Australian National exhibition to qualify for New Zealand 2020 FIAP and Melbourne 2021 FIAP.

1.  Exhibition

Sydney Stamp & Coin Expo 2019 (the Exhibition) is a Full National Philatelic Exhibition.  It will be held at the Johnny Warren Indoor Sports Stadium, Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, at the corner of King Georges Road and Forest Road, Hurstville, from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 June 2019.

The address for further information is:

The Secretary

Sydney Stamp & Coin Expo 2019

P.O. Box 528


The Exhibition Secretary, John Moore, can also be contacted by email at moore.john@optusnet.com.au