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Unadopted Stamp Design


The Australian Philatelic Federation is planning to release a new Abandoned Stamp Card at the exhibition, showing the second image featuring W.M. (Billy) Hughes, Australian Prime Minister 1915-23. The card will sell for $10.00.

This design, shown at right, was prepared by Frank Manley in May 1953, not long after Hughes’ death on 28 October 1952, when still a member of the House of Representatives, having been elected in 1901. It appears to be a proposed tribute stamp, which did not go further than the preliminary design.

W.M. (Billy) Hughes attended the Versailles Conference in 1919 and signed the treaty on behalf of Australia.

This card is part of a series depicting stamps created by Australia Post, but abandoned before issue.

This item has been included on the downloadable order form.