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For the Listing of Unsold Souvenir Items, click here.

Our list of souvenir items has now been finalised, and are shown in the following sections. Images of the final products are not yet available and will be added to the website when they are.


However, we have included images of the various items prior to their being overprinted. Whilst some of the images show the items as perforate, the final products will be as described.

In addition to the souvenirs described in the following sections, caps embroidered with the exhibition logo are available from the Organising Committee stand. These caps are in two colours, white and black, and are available for $20.00 each – see illustration below.



Orders can be placed by downloading the order form, completing it offline, and mailing it to the Organisers, together with your remittance.


Please read the order form carefully to ensure that you are familiar with its requirements. Invalid order forms received will be placed at the end of the queue whilst the irregularity continues to exist. It is therefore most important to include your telephone number, email address, or both, on the submitted form to enable any such irregularities to be speedily resolved.


During the month prior to the opening of SS&CE19, we will include on the website a listing showing the number of each souvenir item still available.


The downloadable order form also includes the new Abandoned Stamp Card planned to be released at the exhibition, showing the second image featuring W.M. (Billy) Hughes, produced by The Australian Philatelic Federation.