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1.   Exhibition

2.   Organisation

3.   Regulations

4.   Classification of Exhibits

5.   Conditions of Participation

6.   Applications

7.   Entry Fees (Frame Fees)

8.   Delivery of Exhibits

9.   Introduction Page/Plan of Exhibit

10. Philatelic Literature Entries

11. Security and Insurance

12. Mounting of Exhibits

13. Jury

14. Exclusions

15. Awards

16. Modification or Withdrawal

17. Amendment of Regulations

18. Recognition of Exhibit Regulations

19. Items Subject to Quarantine

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6.  Applications

Applications from intending Exhibitors are to be made only on the official form (or photocopy thereof) and within the appointed time.

Applications from intending Exhibitors must be submitted to the relevant Commissioner for your State, Territory, New Zealand Island or Country who will inform the Commissioner General.  The contact details for the various Commissioners are shown at the conclusion of this prospectus, as well as on our website.

Closing Date for receipt of Entry Forms is Saturday 23rd February 2019

Entries must be accompanied by a draft of the title page of the exhibit, or a one-page description of the exhibit.  Exhibitors can also choose to send a one-page synopsis which will not be part of the judging process.

If an applicant wishes to send entry form and title page by email, these pages will be accepted as PDF, JPEG or Word files.

All exhibits must be mounted on white or light-coloured sheets or thin card.  An exhibit mounted on black or dark pages will not be accepted.

Single sheets may be up to 24 cm wide or some multiple equating to 4 standard sheets in a row (wider will result in overlapping) with a maximum height of 28.5 cm, INCLUDING THE SIZE OF THE PROTECTORS.  Oversize pages will only be mounted if prior acceptance has been obtained from the Organising Committee.  Sheets or protectors taller than 285 mm (including A4 pages which are 297 mm high) may not be fastened securely into the mounting frames, and therefore will only be mounted at the exhibitor’s risk.

Pages for each entry must have the name and address of the exhibitor on the back of each sheet and be numbered consecutively, in a consistent position, in the order in which they should be mounted.  Only pages for display may be submitted.

The two Challenges have regulations about the composition of each team, and the number of frames to be entered.  These rules will be available from the Commissioner-General who will also be the Challenge Co-ordinator.

The number of frames for Youth exhibits is specified in Paragraph 4 above.  All other exhibits will have a minimum of 2 frames and a maximum of 8 frames.  Each frame holds 16 sheets in 4 rows of 4 sheets.

An exhibitor may submit any number of competitive entries, but no more than one entry of the same country or subject in the same Class if of a similar or continuing nature.  Where an exhibitor submits multiple entries (excluding Literature) order of preference for acceptance should be indicated.  The Organising Committee will endeavour to accept all, but depending on space and frame availability, the Organising Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries which are accepted for this Exhibition.

The right is also reserved to reject any entry without assigning any reason for such decision.