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1.   Exhibition

2.   Organisation

3.   Regulations

4.   Classification of Exhibits

5.   Conditions of Participation

6.   Applications

7.   Entry Fees (Frame Fees)

8.   Delivery of Exhibits

9.   Introduction Page/Plan of Exhibit

10. Philatelic Literature Entries

11. Security and Insurance

12. Mounting of Exhibits

13. Jury

14. Exclusions

15. Awards

16. Modification or Withdrawal

17. Amendment of Regulations

18. Recognition of Exhibit Regulations

19. Items Subject to Quarantine

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5.  Conditions of Participation

Participation in this Exhibition is open to all exhibitors whether they are members of affiliated organisations or not.  The exhibitor must be the bona-fide owner of the exhibit.  Exhibits may not be entered in joint names except for the Literature Class and for entries where the entrants are spouses/partners or close family members.  Each entry must be made in the correct Class.  If considered necessary, the Organising Committee or Jury may transfer an entry to another Class.

The entrant shall provide a description for the Exhibition Catalogue comprising not more than 50 words.  The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter any description for the catalogue.

Non-competitive entries will only be included by the invitation of the Organising Committee.