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1.   Exhibition

2.   Organisation

3.   Regulations

4.   Classification of Exhibits

5.   Conditions of Participation

6.   Applications

7.   Entry Fees (Frame Fees)

8.   Delivery of Exhibits

9.   Introduction Page/Plan of Exhibit

10. Philatelic Literature Entries

11. Security and Insurance

12. Mounting of Exhibits

13. Jury

14. Exclusions

15. Awards

16. Modification or Withdrawal

17. Amendment of Regulations

18. Recognition of Exhibit Regulations

19. Items Subject to Quarantine

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2.  Organisation

The Organising Committee is planning and conducting this Exhibition under the patronage of the Philatelic Development Council of the Philatelic Association of NSW Inc., under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation (the APF).

The Organising Committee has established a website for the exhibition, which will be updated on a regular basis.  Therefore, no Bulletins will be issued, as all the relevant information will be posted on the website. Copies of the Prospectus and Entry Form may be downloaded from the website.  Details of the various souvenir items available will be included closer to the Exhibition date.  The website address is  www.philas.org.au

3.  Regulations

These regulations are based on the APF regulations for Australian National Philatelic Exhibitions.  Guidelines and rules for the various classes are available on the APF website at: