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The Committee


The Organising Committee for SS&CE19 features many who were involved in the planning and running of our three earlier exhibitions, SSE07, SSE11 and SSE15, so we will be building on the experience previously gained. The current Organising Committee comprises:

       Ed Wolf             President

       Lionel Savins    Vice-President and Challenge Co-ordinator

       John Moore      Secretary

       Gert Ebing        Treasurer

       David Collyer    Commissioner General

       John Sadler      Publicity & Website Liaison

       Peter Brigden   Souvenirs

       Laurent Villoing Volunteers Co-ordinator

       Phillip Green     Floor Manager

       Yung Benson    Youth Co-ordinator

       Linda Lee          Accommodation and Awards Dinner

       Geoff Kellow     Catalogue / Palmares Document Editor

       John Pearson    APTA Representative

       Gary Brown       APF Representative

Other positions may be added as either determined or advised.

In addition, the following appointments have been made

       Linda Lee          Jury Chairman

       Geoff Lewis       Jury Secretary