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The Picture Postcard Challenge


The Australian Philatelic Federation has encouraged the exhibiting of Picture Postcards at its shows for many years and has recently approved the holding of the Fourth Biennial Picture Postcard Challenge in conjunction with the Ninth Australasian Philatelic Challenge which has been a biennial feature of Australian exhibitions for 17 years. Both Challenges are to be held as part of Sydney Stamp Expo 2019 to be held at the Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, Cnr King Georges and Forest Road from Thu 13 to Sun 16 June 2019.

Essentially the Challenge involves Australian States, Territories, New Zealand or any affiliated Club/Society entering a team comprising four picture postcard exhibits 2 x multi-frame (5 frames or more) and 2 x 1-frame competing to win the Perpetual Trophy. Each individual participant receives a medal and certificate according to the level the exhibit achieves, while the four aggregate scores determine the winning Team and hence the winner of the Trophy.


In 2019, the exhibition organising committee is inviting all those regions who have participated in the Philatelic Challenge also to enter the Picture Postcard Challenge. Hence each Australian State or Territory as well as New Zealand are invited to submit a team to be judged under the marking scheme approved by the APF for such exhibits. A copy of these judging criteria is enclosed. In addition, affiliated Clubs/Societies are most welcome to field a team.


The cost per frame is A$45.00 (including $5APF levy). Clubs/Societies and State Councils are free to subsidise their individual exhibitors if they so wish.


Judging will be by a panel of approved picture postcard judges as recognised by the APF.


As this is a National Philatelic Exhibition, each State/Region will have a Commissioner attending the show who is appointed to carry exhibits to/from the Exhibition.


Please refer to the Exhibition Prospectus for more information.

The FIP Picture Postcard Special Regulations and Guidelines can be downloaded from the FIP website at https://www.f-i-p.ch/regulations/

This event is held in conjunction with the Australasian Challenge.