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The Ninth Australasian Challenge (Philatelic)


The exhibition is very pleased to be hosting the Australasian Challenge and the Picture Postcard Challenge. This is the first time either event has been held in Sydney. These Challenges will be open to teams from Australian states and territories and the New Zealand islands.

The Organising Committee wants to encourage competitive entries on all philatelic subjects.

The appropriate Australian State Councils and the New Zealand Philatelic Federation make formal entries to the Challenge.

For Australian entries, it is necessary to select the participants and to arrange for the competition and submission of the individual entry forms, payment of frame fees through their Commissioner/Judge and to ensure delivery of the exhibits to the Exhibition. For the Youth entries there are no frame fees.


The 2018 Australasian Challenge Rules can be accessed at https://apf.org.au/exhibiting/australasian-challenge/

Up until now this competition has been held every two years. Difficulties being experienced in team selection have caused the intervening period to be expanded, in this case to three years.